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In reply to your journal: <da:thumb id="531477846"/>

No, there is not a difference between fat shaming and hating people for a fetish.......wanna know why?  You're hating on them because they're fat.  If being fat makes them feel sexy and good about themselves, what business is it of yours?  Are they forcing you to look at them naked?  No.  Are they forcing you to feed them?  No.  Basically, you're just a hypocritical bitch, as I've already stated, and you hate being called out on it. make journals about us all the time after we haven't contacted you or talked to you or even thought about you in months, and write them and thats perfectly okay?  Once again, a very hypocritical stance from you, not that I'm surprised.  You started this when you called my friend a bitch, and my other friend a jerk ass and made journals about how happy you are that their accounts were deactivated.  You have only yourself and your shitty attitude to blame for this.

I don't swear to make you afraid of me, I swear because I feel like harsh language is the only way any of this is going to get through that brick wall you have where skin and bone should be surrounding your brain.

I am sorry your dog died, but that doesn't excuse you from being a decent human being, its just you using something as an excuse to act how you want, just like you do with your aspergers.

Finally, what the hell are you talking about?  What video?  I never mentioned a video.......

Edit: Oh, so Crocodile Rock is the video you're talking about.  Well, thank goodness you brought it up, it has so much to do with this.  Also, I know exactly what "hypocrite" means, and I get so many, many examples of it from you, every time I get linked to something you've written.

You want us to "leave you alone" and "stop bothering you"?  Stop making journals where you attempt to shame others for what they like, stop making journals expressing your joy that you've driven someone else off of DA, and stop being a hypocritical bitch!

I only make these journals because I can't comment on anything of yours because you're too scared to unblock me.  Also, real classy again, leaving a comment on someone's page and then blocking them so they can't respond.  So mature.

Just stop being a judgemental, hateful person and maybe I can stop calling you out on your utter bullshit after your "friends" link me to those journals.  Maybe then I wouldn't receive notes from people who've commented on your journals telling me that they agree with me, but don't say anything to you cause of how awful you treat them and how they want to stop being friends with you.

Extra Edit:  This is the dumbest thing I think I've heard from her thus far, it's seriously amazing XD…

You don't trust me, because I ship Alvon?  Because I ship two fictional characters who would never in a million years be involved in an intimate relationship, that I ship for fun (cause if they weren't brothers, and they were gay, they'd be completely and utterly in love with eachother).  Thats the reason you don't trust me?  LOL!!  That is literally the dumbest thing I've heard from you today.  It also just goes to show that you really have nothing to use against me, since you're acting like it might be some secret I don't want revealed when everyone knows it about me.  It's the reason I joined the fandom for fucks sake.  I'm the Founder of the Alvon fan club here on DA.  You don't want to trust me, because of a ship.......that literally boggles my fucking mind.  Words cannot describe how dumb that is.  You wanna not trust me?  Go right ahead, no stopping you, but for fuck's sake, pick a better reason than that XD
atomic-cherrywolf A "friend" of yours just pointed this<da:thumb id="527103070"/>, and this <da:thumb id="527921693"/> out to me, and I felt I needed to comment on them.

You seriously, seriously need to stop acting like a brat every time someone you don't like deactivates their account so they don't have to deal with snotty little bitches like you anymore.  They joined this site to enjoy it, and people like you, who claim to be a victim of bullying, go out of their way to make their time here miserable.  You should be ashamed of yourself, but I know that in your deluded little mind, you're perfect and guilt free.

I feel bad for you, your life is so sad that your only happiness comes from other peoples misery.

You keep talking about wanting people to leave you alone and not get pissed with you?  Quit pulling dumbass shit like this and move on with your fucking life.

You wanna comment?  Unblock me, or are you afraid of having a conversation with someone more intelligent and more well liked than you?

Edit:  After going through your journals after being linked to those, I found this as well <da:thumb id="526770888"/>

You seriously have issues.  I'm so tired of you and your fucking double standards.  I hate bullies!  Ew, fat people are gross!!  Don't make fun of people for being different!!!  Ew, you like things I don't? You're a freak!!!!

Fucking grow up, you fucking disgust me.
Was simply amazing!  It was such an awesome weekend, I can't wait to go back next year.  The highlight of my time there was without a doubt getting to meet and hang out with Marÿke Hendrikse, the voice of Revy from Black Lagoon, one of, if not my absolute favorite anime.  I got to meet her at the cons VIP Meet and Greet, and she was just so fun to talk to, she just really made it the best convention I've been to so far.  We'll have to see how ComicCon 2015 surpasses it, lol.…

Thats me, Maryke, and you can see his head stick out of my bag, my con buddy Button Mash.…

She signed my Black Lagoon blu rays, and one of the DVDs inside.  I'm gonna get as many of the VAs who were on the show to sign it as possible <3

She, Bryan Drummond and Trevor Devall are going to be at Fiesta Equestria here in Houston, and I'm gonna try to go to that, since she talked about trying to have a Black Lagoon panel there :D

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